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The Action IS1102 was coordinated through a typical COST management structure. The organisational Structure of this Action was as follows:


Management Committee (MC)

The Management Committee(MC) was the main decisional body of the Action. It decided about any major financial issues (e.g. allocation of the annual budget) or scientific activities (conferences, workshops, STSM, etc.) and elected or nominated people for defined tasks (e.g., chair and vice chair of the Action, WG leaders, etc.). The MC met at least once a year, in connection with a scientific meeting. Each country participated in the Action delegating up to two effective MC members, and up to two MC substitute members.

For the official list of MC members:

The Management Committee was coordinated by the Chair and the Vice Chair. They were responsible for the Action as a whole,  coordinating the scientific activities, overseeing outcomes and ensuring visibility of the network.

Action Chair

Action Vice-Chair


Working Groups Steering Commitee (WGSC)

The Working Groups Steering Committee (WGSC) was a more agile coordinating structure, which advised the MC and implemented its decisions. It especially ensured: scientific coordination of the Tasks; harmonisation of the methodological frameworks and WGs activities; efficient horizontal interaction among parties.

The WGSC was composed of Chair, Vice-chair, Leaders and Co-leaders of the WGs. In the first year only the WG1 Leader and Co-leaders, as well as the WG4 Leader, were included; with the advancement of the Action, Leaders and Co-Leaders of the subsequent WGs were added to the Steering Committee.

From the second year to the end of the Action (2013-2016) the WGSC was composed of:


Working Groups (WGs)

The Working Groups(WGs) ensured the implementation of the four Tasks in the Scientific Programme (for more details see individual WG pages). There were four WGs, each coordinated by a WG Leader and Co-leaders, who ensured the coordination of the activities. The first three WGs were sequential; the fourth WG (Dissemination) was transversal.

WG1 - Comparison of regulatory frameworks and organisational trajectories in social services

 WG1 Leader

WG1 Co-Leader

WG2 - In depth analysis of the effects of changes in care services: case studies

WG2 Leader

WG2 Thematic group coordinators

WG2.1a. Older people and people with disabilities: The restructuring of governance

WG2.1b. Older people and people with disabilities: Care and wellbeing

WG2.2. Children and childcare

WG2.3. Social assistance

WG2.4. Housing and Neighbourhood

WG2.5. Social inclusion in times of crisis

WG3 - Comparative assessment of good practices, to provide policy inputs

WG3 Leader

WG3 Co-Leaders

WG4 Dissemination and capacity building

WG4 Leader

WG4 Co-Leaders


Dissemination Board (DB)

The Dissemination Board  ensured the implementation of the Action’s dissemination strategy. It implemented and monitored the Action Website and coordinated the valorization of the Action’s results on the website, in the local press, and in scientific journals and publications. 

The Dissemination Board was composed by:


Short-term Scientific Missions Committee (STSMC)

The STSMC coordinated the scientific missions and stages of the Action’s researchers in other participant institutions. Its main tasks was to organise annual calls and select candidates applying for STSM, according to the Action internal regulation and with particular attention to Early Stage Researchers.

The STSMC was also in charge of the selection of the Action’s applicants for the Early Stage Conference Grant awarded three times a year by the COST Office. 




Grant Holder 

The Grant Holder was responsible for the financial administration of the Action, in line with the COST rules.


COST Referents

The COST Office was responsible for the scientific and administrative monitoring of the Action, as well as reporting to the ISCH domain. 

COST Science Officer

COST Administrative Officer

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