COST Action IS1102 SO.S. COHESION - Social services, welfare state and places



28-30 October 2015, Reggio Calabria (Italy)
WG3 Workshop + MC Meeting & Final Action Conference

8-12 June 2015, Lund (Sweden)
WG2/WG3 Workshop + MC Meeting



3-7 November 2014, Bratislava (Slovakia)
WG2 Workshop + MC Meeting

2-6 June 2014, Tampere (Finland)
WG2 Workshop + MC Meeting + WGS

3-6 March 2014, Barcelona (Spain)
WG2 Workshop + WGSC


5-8 November 2013, Galati (Romania)
WG2 Workshop + MC Meeting + WGS

3-6 June 2013, Reykjavik (Iceland)
WG2 Workshop + MC Meeting + WGSC

18-21 February 2013, Porto (Portugal)
WG1/WG2 Workshop + WGSC



17-19 October 2012, Tarragona (Spain)
WG1 Workshop/Conference + MC Meeting + WGSC

The second Workshop involved all the Action parties and a few invited experts. In this workshop the final national/regional profiles were presented and the draft comparative synthesis were discussed.

18-19 June 2012, Oslo (Norway)
WG1 workshop + MC Meeting + WGSC

This Workshop involved parties and researchers that actively participated in WG1 activities, and some external experts. In this workshop the draft national/regional profiles on the regulatory trajectories and organisational frameworks in social services were presented and discussed. 



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